Waraku is Budo

Budo is a path that takes a person through theory to make that person a Monono-fu. Monono-fu is a person taking responsibility for existing space. In simple words, a Samurai. Budo is not a martial art. All of the martial that have spread in the world are only techniques that you can use to fight against another person. Budo only fights against evil power. Budo never fights against a weak human being.

Main Purpose of Budo "Waraku"

The ancient Japanese book "Kojiki” (“A Record of Ancient Matters”) says that God created the world with a spear. This means that Budo was born from the art of creation, the creation of the land and the creation of human beings. We consider not appropriate for the Japanese way of appreciating harmony the way of thinking that requires people to fight against each other to determine who wins or loses, with a judgment such as "the weakest always goes to the wall", or "the strong prey upon the weak" in order to improve themselves mentally and physically. Regrettably, this trend is widespread in modern society.

As long as your purpose of training is "to fight and win", you cannot reach the world of harmony. The origin of this way of thinking was in the brutal warrior mentality of the middle ages, and one of the reasons why people think this way is that they try to apply the ethos and killing skills of those times to the present day.

We are about to reach the peak of civilization, but tragedies continue because some countries invade others and people fight each other to gain more rights. At the same time, many people in weak positions, the powerless people, are suffering from hunger and diseases and they are the victims of the current condition, which is quite simply a living hell.

Instead of forcing ourselves to be more brave than necessary to defeat our opponents, wouldn’t it be more useful to make our minds calm and learn how to empower others to fulfil their potential? We should not fight any more. We should not hurt other people. It is time to stop our "me-first mentality" and bring our hearts back to the time when there were no wars, back to the time of God, where you might experience comfort as if in the sunlight of the early spring shining on your mind. Let us seek the root power of the creation of the universe through our physical bodies. Our intention is to abolish destructive forces through our practice and to realize a harmonious and united world, full of love and goodness.

What is the use of Waraku

In “Waraku” we value various centres of body, heart, family, country, the world, etc. Everything moves smoothly when its movement comes from its centre. It is like drawing a circle: unless you know where the centre is, you cannot draw a circle. It can be said that 'Waraku' training is to find a centre and to utilize it. By finding a centre, you can increase the healing capacity of your body and restore your mental balance. We believe that making the effort to attain good mental and physical balance everyday is the key to having a healthy and peaceful life.

How are the skills of '"WARAKU" used for peace?

When you keep a room closed for a long time, various smells inside get mixed up and become odorous. When you use a deodorizer, magically all those bad smells disappear and the good smell that fills the room makes you feel better. It can be said that the role of martial arts is to train people to play a role like a deodorizer. By merely being there, the people around them feel better, they don't yell and threaten others, everything goes well and they live cheerful and free as the wind.

Waraku makes it possible to a person to master Budo. The meaning and mission of Waraku are to create and keep a pleasant harmony. We form the people who can accomplish the achievement of peace according to the principles of Waraku by performing the three following basic exercises.


The skills of Waraku are based on the basic movements of Hachiriki ("Eight Energies"). Hachiriki is the first practice everyone learns when introduced to Waraku. Hachiriki consists of horizontal and vertical movements passing through the four points of heavens, earth, water and fire. The movements are done in a spiral shape that keeps the energy continuous and flowing. Hachiriki shows the body the feeling of the movements and positions of Waraku by practicing bare handed.


Hachiken ("Eight Swords") is similar to Hachiriki, except that you practice using a bokken, or wooden sword. The bokken is used, like the hands in Hachiriki, as a guide to how the body should be moving, and if it is taken away the hands should still be in the same position as Hachiriki. The bokken is also a visual representation of the energy movement, and the extension of that energy from the body. It is also used when practicing with a partner so there is no bodily contact. When practicing with a partner, even if there are no bad intentions, sometimes hard physical contact can produce bad feelings between the two people. With a bokken, the energy that is passed between is goes through an outside object that is connected to the body, so there are no bad feelings.


Chinkon is a calm, relaxed, yet engaged and alert state. Awareness is inside and outside of the body at the same time. Inside the body the heartbeat slows, body temperature is neutral, and the feeling of the physical body is magnified. At the same time, because the mind is calm, outside energies are felt more as well. Especially if the eyes are closed, the other senses become more acute, for example hearing and smell become more sensitive. If other people are around, their presence can be felt more and air movement can be felt more. Also, Chinkon is a state that makes it easier for communication with the supernatural, because of the inside and outside awareness and calm yet engaged state.


Live your days to the fullest and end it with no regrets
Never make excuses for yourself.
Always engage yourself completely
Always be kind and helpful even though you are not asked
Never boast about your achievements or deeds
Be humble and never act superior
Live spiritually and never be attached to material things or circumstances
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