In the association there are 3 levels for teaching:

  • 1st assistant

  • 2nd instructor

  • 3rd teacher

According to the statute of the association,the following functions are attributed to the lifelong Honorary Member Hiramasa Maeda Sensei, which he can exercise directly or through delegation to one or more of the instructors of the highest level belonging to the association:

  • Assigning the degrees that prove the level of experience of students and instructors;

  • Designation of instructors and assistant instructors

The Member Nicola Colao (c/o WA KO - Honbu Dojo - Roma, Tel. 348.0403508, email: has been appointed by master Hiramasa Maeda teacher and technical manager for 'Europe:

On the site are listed also the other Members who have taken part to seminars to learn how to lead a meeting (Keiko) and how to teach Waraku.

(at the time of the request to be included in this list, the Member is invited to send to the association, at the address, the image of the certification that has been issued to him/her).

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